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Good PHP 5 & 7 support

We work to include everyday better support for language, more functions and test with the main frameworks (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, ...)


Native use of websockets in your code thru an easy Websocket class.

Background jobs

Launch background or delayed tasks easily, no extra configurations needed.


Better use of cores

The system use Erlang/OTP processes for each request and they use efficiently all of your CPUs and cores.

Support for more than 1 Million of Requests per Node

Erlang/OTP is famous because of its support for handling more than 1 Million of simultaneous connections. Soon we'll offer you a prove with those data.

We use Yaws & Erlang/OTP

We proudly use Yaws, the web server which beats easily to Apache and help us to achieve our goal and Erlang/OTP, of course.

03Enterprise Level

Test & Coverage environment

PHP sometimes is not enough for enterprise level. The support for tests and coverage measure is improved with Bragful.

Profiling & Debug facilities

Compatible with cachegrind we can generate a profile output per request and even connect to a remote interface to handle the running and debugging of a single request.

Email, Network and File control interface

You can control what you want to let your PHP application to do and watch a record of activity performed. Control the network connection, moderate email sending, and even block file writing.